Updated open-source components

New plugin for nuget.exe pack

As a follow up to NuGet Team's post about Creating custom package rules for your build, we are releasing a plugin today that extends nuget.exe pack with the same set of package validation rules as we have provided for NuGet Package Explorer before. You can get it with the awesone tool Chocolatey by running:

cinst SymbolSource.Integration.NuGet.CommandLine

Unfortunately nuget.exe does not run rules on symbol packages, which kind of defeats the purpose... If you'd like that behaviour changed as much as we do, please share your thought in this NuGet Ecosystem discussion thread.

If you have any trouble with the plugin and would feel like doing a bit of hacking, we release it as debuggable-source (with symbols) as described here: A world of debuggable open-source software – Part 3: Applications.

Updated plugin for NuGet Package Explorer

We've also updated our NuGet Package Explorer plugin to suppoert WinRT assemblies (i.e. *.winmd files). You can get it right from NPE's Plugin Manager. It is also debuggable as described here: A world of debuggable open-source software – Part 2: Plugins.

Updated SymbolSource.Server.Basic

At the same time we release a new version of SymbolSource.Server.Basic bundled with NuGet.Core 2.1, which introduces support for Portable Libraries. Thanks to Xavier Decoster, the diagnostics are now on a separate page, which makes the homepage run much faster and without side-effects.

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Added WinRT support to SymbolSource

In today's short announcement we just want to inform that packages targeting WinRT are now supported. We've had a slight hiccup because of the new .winmd extension, but everything should be fine now. We've also updated our error reporting to provide a bit more useful messages, that will also help us diagnose unknown issues.

Together with hosted SymbolSource we also release an updated version of SymbolSource.Server.Basic (1.1.2) and an updated plugin for NuGet Package Explorer (1.3.2).

If you come across any issues with those two community releases and have a few spare moments, you can helps us pinpoint the problem by debugging with their symbols and sources, available on-demand right from SymbolSource. If you like the idea, have look at how you can make us of it in your own projects:

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ASP.NET Web Stack nightlies now also on SymbolSource

We are very pleased to announce that starting today, symbols and sources for nightly builds of ASP.NET Web Stack are available on SymbolSource. You can read an official announced by Marcin Dobosz on CodePlex: Symbols for nightly builds available.

TL;DR - add http://srv.symbolsource.org/pdb/MyGet to your Visual Studio symbol server list

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How SymbolSource integrates with NuGet and MyGet

There has been some confusion around how symbolsource.org shares user names, repository names, keys and permissions with nuget.org and myget.org. Today's post will hopefully clear that up.

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Anatomy of a disaster (plus new features!)

Today we experienced the biggest failure of SymbolSource ever, but hopefully from now on, no other issue will even qualify to compete with it.

Keeping with the spirit of openness in the NuGet ecosystem, as exhibited by the NuGet Team in their blog post about their meltdown (The NuGet Gallery Outage on March 9th) we'd like to write a few words about what happened today.

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Releasing the community edition of SymbolSource

For some time now we have been speaking about a community edition of SymbolSource. Starting from today it is available on NuGet the same way that NuGet.Server is, and serves a similar purpose: to internally host symbols and sources in a debugger-friendly way.

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More on SymbolSource and related technologies

In this short post I would like to invite you to my personal blog, where I will be posting more behind-the-scenes information about SymbolSource, that does not really fit here. It will also be a place for general .NET and related technology posts, basically stuff that interests me personally.

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Updated NuGet Package Explorer Plugin

We've updated our NuGet Package Explorer plugin. It is built against the unreleased version 2.5, but we really encourage you to try it out, because it is already perfectly stable at this point, and has some nice new features. From now on, we will only support 2.5+, because of its incredibly cool plugin manager that downloads plugins from a NuGet feed.

In the new version of our plugin we added two new warnings about mismatches between the package file name and its contents: it should end with .symbols.nupkg if and only if the package contains symbols and sources.

We also have a completely new feature that allows you to verify the contents of a package against any symbol server (SymbolSource by default). It will tell you if your submission was correct and if it is already available to end-users.

As always, screenshots tell the story best. The UI is hideous, we know, but as I've written before, the plugin is open source, so you are free to improve it: http://github.com/SymbolSource/Integration.NuGet. Thanks :)

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Using SymbolSource as an OpenWrap repository

We have some very exciting news to announce today. The OpenWrap package gateway has been extended and now supports the entire protocol. Which means that SymbolSource now offers regular OpenWrap package repositories. You can take advantage of SymbolSource and its flexible permission system to store and share wraps, symbols and sources.

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Online source code navigation

There is a whole range of exciting possibilities arrising from having a catalogued repository of eleased code like SymbolSource. We have been experimenting with various ideas for some time now. Today we would like to announce the first step in providing a dynamic, relfector-like view of all source code on SymbolSource.

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