Updated open-source components

New plugin for nuget.exe pack

As a follow up to NuGet Team's post about Creating custom package rules for your build, we are releasing a plugin today that extends nuget.exe pack with the same set of package validation rules as we have provided for NuGet Package Explorer before. You can get it with the awesone tool Chocolatey by running:

cinst SymbolSource.Integration.NuGet.CommandLine

Unfortunately nuget.exe does not run rules on symbol packages, which kind of defeats the purpose... If you'd like that behaviour changed as much as we do, please share your thought in this NuGet Ecosystem discussion thread.

If you have any trouble with the plugin and would feel like doing a bit of hacking, we release it as debuggable-source (with symbols) as described here: A world of debuggable open-source software – Part 3: Applications.

Updated plugin for NuGet Package Explorer

We've also updated our NuGet Package Explorer plugin to suppoert WinRT assemblies (i.e. *.winmd files). You can get it right from NPE's Plugin Manager. It is also debuggable as described here: A world of debuggable open-source software – Part 2: Plugins.

Updated SymbolSource.Server.Basic

At the same time we release a new version of SymbolSource.Server.Basic bundled with NuGet.Core 2.1, which introduces support for Portable Libraries. Thanks to Xavier Decoster, the diagnostics are now on a separate page, which makes the homepage run much faster and without side-effects.

Posted by Marcin Mikołajczak (TripleEmcoder) on Friday, November 02, 2012

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