Releasing the community edition of SymbolSource

For some time now we have been speaking about a community edition of SymbolSource. Starting from today it is available on NuGet the same way that NuGet.Server is, and serves a similar purpose: to internally host symbols and sources in a debugger-friendly way.

Setting it up your own symbol and source server

Installation of SymbolSource.Server.Basic is very simple:

  1. Install Debugging Tools for Windows and note the installation path.

  2. Create a new ASP.NET MVC 3 Web Application in Visual Studio.

  3. Install the SymbolSource.Server.Basic package.

  4. Fix <appSettings> in Web.config to point to your installation of Debugging Tools for Windows.

  5. Run the application and start pushing symbol packages as usual.

If you point your browser to the application's start page, you'll see a list of all the needed URLs.

At this moment, the server accepts any NuGet API key, but you are free to secure it using any of the IIS authentication capabilities.

SymbolSource.Server.Basic versus SymbolSource

At the core, SymbolSource.Server.Basic uses the same processing as hosted SymbolSource does, so it should handle packages equally well. It's just a scaled down, integrated version, without the web interface, cloud storage support, etc.

For some time now, our dream has been for everyone to use and publish symbols in their daily development. Hopefully with a free-for-all on-premise hosting solution this dream is a step closer.

We are still providing private feeds and company accounts at for anyone interested.


SymbolSource.Server.Basic is open-source, so anyone is welcome to send pull requests for bug fixes and new features. Source code is available at GitHub: SymbolSource.Community, together with our other open-source projects, including the NuGet Package Explorer plugin, which we highly recommend.

The Basic edition will continue to be developed in sync with SymbolSource, as they share some core modules. Our next goal will be to release the commercial edition of the full SymbolSource suite.

Posted by Marcin Mikołajczak (TripleEmcoder) on Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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