Updated NuGet Package Explorer Plugin

We've updated our NuGet Package Explorer plugin. It is built against the unreleased version 2.5, but we really encourage you to try it out, because it is already perfectly stable at this point, and has some nice new features. From now on, we will only support 2.5+, because of its incredibly cool plugin manager that downloads plugins from a NuGet feed.

In the new version of our plugin we added two new warnings about mismatches between the package file name and its contents: it should end with .symbols.nupkg if and only if the package contains symbols and sources.

We also have a completely new feature that allows you to verify the contents of a package against any symbol server (SymbolSource by default). It will tell you if your submission was correct and if it is already available to end-users.

As always, screenshots tell the story best. The UI is hideous, we know, but as I've written before, the plugin is open source, so you are free to improve it: http://github.com/SymbolSource/Integration.NuGet. Thanks :)

Accessing the new symbol status feature

Accessing the new symbol status feature

Posted by Marcin Mikołajczak (TripleEmcoder) on Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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