ASP.NET Web Stack nightlies now also on SymbolSource

We are very pleased to announce that starting today, symbols and sources for nightly builds of ASP.NET Web Stack are available on SymbolSource. You can read an official announced by Marcin Dobosz on CodePlex: Symbols for nightly builds available.

TL;DR - add to your Visual Studio symbol server list

How does it work?

The ASP.NET team pushes nightly packages to a MyGet feed aspnetwebstacknightly - this is a nice practise that gives everyone access to the most recent officially signed builds, yet does not pollute the regular NuGet Gallerry. We like this approach much more than adding -ci suffixes to package names, which is also gaining popularity recently.

As we described in our previous post, each MyGet feed comes with a SymbolSource repository out-of-the-box. The ASP.NET team found the time to improve their build scripts to push symbol packages to SymbolSource, along with uploading binaries to MyGet. You can see the result in the aspnetwebstacknightly repository on SymbolSource. Since the MyGet feed is marked as public, so is its SymbolSource conterpart, and you can make use of it after configuring Visual Studio to pull symbols from our MyGet instance.

To sum up, using ASP.NET Web Stack nighlty packages with full symbol and source stepping support requires configuring:

  • a NuGet feed at
  • a symbol server at
    (once for all projects that decide to publish packages through the MyGet-SymbolSource tandem)

For more information on configuring Visual Studio have a look at our help page. It's been updated for MyGet as well.

Can I be like the ASP.NET team?

Well, I guess you'll need to ask their recruiters what makes up a good candidate... But seriously, if we're speaking about symbols and sources, you can do the exact same thing today. Just go to your MyGet Feed details page and note the URL from the 'Symbols' tab. For example, in case of the ASP.NET Web Stack nightly feed this URL looks like the following: Don't worry, you won't be able to push there accidently, it's all secure. Also, have a look at our previous post for a cheat sheet of useful nuget.exe commands: How SymbolSource integrates with NuGet and MyGet.

What about private feeds?

MyGet drives SymbolSource repository permissions using our API, so whatever feed options you select (public, community or private) and whatever users you add to your feed, this will be also effective on SymbolSource. So you can start using it today, without the risk of leaking any symbols or sources. Just remember that you'll need to add an authenticated symbol server URL for this to work - you can find it on the MyGet Feed details page. Since MyGet has a separate SymbolSource instance, you also have a separate identity for accesing its repositories.

Can't wait to see more nightlies on SymbolSource!

Posted by Marcin Mikołajczak (TripleEmcoder) on Thursday, August 30, 2012

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