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Authors Alba
Copyrights Copyright 2013
Description CSS Parser written in C#, based on Mozilla Firefox code. Supports parsing of all modern CSS expressions. Supports Quirks mode. Values are parsed into detailed structures. Detailed error logging. Debugging via
Owners Alba
RequireLicenseAcceptance False
Tags CSS CSS3 Style Stylesheet Parser Lexer Scanner Parse Syntax LINQ
Title Alba.CsCss Stylesheet Parser
PackageSize 493268
PackageHashAlgorithm SHA512
PackageHash kBbM+XUzj4sTp1DjmVTT4JFMqcZRRegKS0kEefvZUj81c6rpRBz1FYcEFhvzLOsIPgRxqown2yJmyOYw8YK4gA==
DownloadCount 000000
CreatedDate 2014-05-24T07:15:36


You can access data for this project using the tools and addresses described below.

NuGet (nuget.exe)

Installing the package (HTTP Basic authentication):
nuget install Alba.CsCss -Source
Installing the package (pre-authenticated):
nuget install Alba.CsCss -Source

NuGet (Package Manager Console)

Installing the package (search all configured feeds):
Install-Package Alba.CsCss
Installing the package (HTTP Basic authentication):
Install-Package Alba.CsCss -Source
Installing the package (pre-authenticated):
Install-Package Alba.CsCss -Source
Uinstalling the package:
Uninstall-Package Alba.CsCss


Installing the package:
o add-wrap Alba.CsCss
Uninstalling the package:
o remove-wrap Alba.CsCss


A version is snapshot of a project's source code. It does not need to follow the Major.Minor.Revision.Build numbering pattern. It can be an arbitrary string of text that identifies a release or a build, in particular including meaningful words like beta, RC or RTM.

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