Announcing private symbol and source repositories

Today we are proud to present the long waited support for private symbol and source repositories. It will allow you to benefit from the ease of debugging that SymbolSource provides without publicly disclosing any part of you code. Symbols and sources will only be fetched through the authenticated Visual Studio URLs and only after verifying permissions defined on the SymbolSource website. For now support for private storage comes in two flavors.

Private repositories

These are additional repositories that you can create automatically during NuGet package upload. Just push to an URL like this:<login>.<name>

You can use whatever <name> that you like, but <login> must match your login on the site, which will be an ugly hash until you associate your NuGet API key on the Authentication page.

Read access will only be possible through this debugging URL:<login>/<hash>

You can also grant other users access to your symbols and sources - as long as you know their login registered with this site. Once you create a private repository permissions can be defined through the Metadata page.

Separate companies

We are also launching an open beta of hosted SymbolSource instances. These instances are internally called companies, and the Public part of URLs you see all over our service is an example of such an entity.

By registering a new company you will get an entirely separate instance of SymbolSource at<company>, which will allow you to define your own set of repositories and users. In the future this will also allow you to integrate authentication and authorization with an external store like Active Directory. For now, you will be able to manage permissions through the administration panel, which exposes the entire flexibility of SymbolSource permissions. Read and write access can be granted on any level of the symbol/source hierarchy: company, repository, project or version.

With a separate company you'll be able to push to any URLs like the following:<company>/<repository>.

And Visual Studio will only be able to download symbols and sources with this URL:<company>/<login>/<hash>

Because we would like to make this feature as robust and easy to use as possible, for now we will personally oversee the provisioning of every company account. Please let us know through any of the usual channels (Google Groups, Twitter or e-mail) if you'd like to take part in the beta program.

Posted by Marcin Mikołajczak (TripleEmcoder) on Thursday, August 25, 2011

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