Potential source access issue

Due to a bug found recently, you might be unable to download source files when debugging some of the projects for which we provide symbols.

The problem has been resolved and appropriate PDB files have been corrected. However, because Visual Studio caches those files locally, you will need to delete them on your machine manually (or just clear the entire cache folder). Be aware that these files can also be stored in the current user's temp folder.

Affected symbol files exist under the following projects and versions:

  • AutoMapper 1.1
  • Castle Project Core 1.2.0
  • Json.NET 3.5 Release 6
  • Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.1 – October 2008
  • Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 - April 2010
  • Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 - Beta2
  • MVC Contrib
  • MVC Contrib 1.5.996.0 RC
  • MVC Contrib
  • MVC Contrib for MVC2 (RTW)
  • Unity 1.2

If you are using any of these releases with SymbolSource, please make sure you delete their PDB files from your local environment. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Posted by Marcin Mikołajczak (TripleEmcoder) on Friday, May 07, 2010

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