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You can access data in this repository using the tools and addresses described below.


Feed URL (HTTP Basic authentication):
Feed URL (pre-authenticated):
Publish URL:
Saving authentication (for each registered key):
nuget setapikey %key% -Source
Pushing packages (with each registered key):
nuget push *.nupkg -Source
nuget push *.nupkg %key% -Source


Repository URL (HTTP Digest authentication):
Saving repository info:
o add-remote -Name Private.robertob.fedid -Href
o add-remote -Name Private.robertob.fedid -Href -Username %login% -Password %password%
Publishing packages:
o publish-wrap -Path *.wrap -Remote Private.robertob.fedid
o publish-wrap -Path *.wrap -Remote Private.robertob.fedid -User %login% -Pwd %password%


A project on SymbolSource corresponds directly to a unique NuGet or OpenWrap package name, or to a separate release of an independent project (like in the case of Castle components: Castle Core, Castle ActiveRecord etc.).

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