NuGet 1.1 is great, but 1.2 will be even better

Congratulations to the NuGet team for releasing 1.1! However, there are at least two reasons why we are really looking forward to using the next version, 1.2.

Framework Profile Support

NuGet 1.2 will bring an important bugfix and new feature regarding framework folder naming. The pattern will be extended to include a framework profile in the following way:


That means that net35-client and net40-client will become legal and fully supported.You can have a look at preliminary documentation for this new feature on the wiki page: Framework Profile Support.

At the same time a bug was fixed that prevented libraries in nested folders to be detected and referenced correctly. Now all files for the appropriate framework will be added recursively. You can see the original issue here: #664 - Incorrect mapping of lib/* to FrameworkName.

Symbol Server Support

The NuGet team is also looking at a way of simplifying package uploading to SymbolSource. You can vote for this issue here: #661 - Simplify Integration with a Symbol Server.

This is strongly related to automatic package building, which you can have a look here (prototype screencast included): #675 - Streamlined Workflow for creating packages.

Posted by Marcin Mikołajczak (TripleEmcoder) on Monday, February 14, 2011

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